Portland mesh planning

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This page is for Q&A related to extending Sudomesh (or similar) to Portland, Oregon.

Starting with really basic questions (June 2020):

Can we (at least in the short term) claim some space on the Sudomesh wiki, rather than starting our own separate wiki?
Yes! That's this page :)
Can/should we use the peoplesopen infrastructure and/or name, or set up something more localized?
Might as well for now. But, Sudo is in transition to a new crop of hardware, and hasn't settled on the new hardware yet. So to some degree we'll be on our own, or else waiting for them.
How much will Portland's beautiful, huge, damp trees impede our efforts? Will they kill our WiFi dreams?
How fully developed should we be before making a broad push to non-techies, e.g. via neighborhood associations, signs in coffee shops...

Mobile Citizen -- cheap unlimited Sprint bandwidth for nonprofits


Mikrotik (spelling?) makes 2-router point-to-point pairs that you can just point at each other with no configuration, and they "just work." They have 60 GHz and other frequencies too.