Recycling and re-use

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sudoroom has one normal recycling container which usually resides in the small space next to the elevator


Coffee grounds

You should put used coffee grounds in the freezer, since we will use them as food for oyster mushrooms!

There should be a container for coffee grounds in the back of the fridge.

Beer bottles

We re-use beer bottles for sudoroom's home-brewed beer.

There is a convenient bottle washer located on the right-most faucet by the sink. Open the faucet (careful, it may squirt!) and press the neck of your beer bottle over the bottle washer for a few seconds. If the washer is not enough, there should be a bottle brush above the sink. After washing, put the bottle in the wooden crate in the rightmost cabinet under the sink for drying.

Leave the bottle caps off. The bottles will be sterilized and re-capped before use.