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Ideas to make the interior of sudoroom (not common space) more usable.

A master map of where everything goes

  • If we had a map where everything went then we would know what is in- or out-of place.
  • Less "where is x?" type questions.
  • The uninitiated could clean since they would know where to put something.
  • Dedicate a wall to this map.
    • Is it paper?
    • Is it a floor plan view?
      • Does it have numbered dots on the floor plan, and an index of the numbered dots for lookup?


  • One proposal for precepts: (add your own)
    • Projects older than x months are trash.
    • Components and unsorted material are trash. (Like misplaced books in a library are lost).
    • Err on the side of trash - that aggravation is better than cruft.
    • It is OK for trash to go in the landfill.

It's all about the desk

What the sudo desk should look like!
  • This is the main point of entry for a lot of our working.
  • Discourage leaving things on the desk
    • If only there were a way to hinge the surface, so that the entire tabletop contents could slide off into a rubbish bin.
    • Make a laminate that surface that insults/reminds you.
    • Or a laminte suface that has visible squares so its always easily countable what surface percentage can be seen.

2:1 cleaning oath

  • As a member, you vow to clean in ratios of 2 times the mess you make.
The radio room in impeccable order!
The sudo sink is nearly perfect! (remove plate)