SafeSpaces 2012 12 14

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Parties involved
  • Jenny
  • Timon

Last night around 2am I was in the space with Andrew and Timon. As the only person left with keys, I announced that I was locking up the space and that it was time to leave. Timon was in the sound studio/radio room and continued to whistle and sing while I repeated several times that I was closing down the space. Finally I turned off the lights, and Timon approached me rather aggressively, stating repeatedly that he was not leaving.

I have very reasonable boundaries when it comes to aggression and violent behavior. I felt threatened and left the space stating that I was going to call the police. Luckily it didn't come to that, and Timon left the building after ten minutes or so.

At no point did Timon inform me that he had been locked out of his apartment and needed a place to stay for the night. Regardless, sudo room is not a hostel, as explicitly defined in our Compact, and last night's incident is the second time I have felt unsafe in Timon's presence.

We as a community have committed ourselves to creating a safe space. I am also concerned for Timon and will dedicate some time to providing informational resources re: nearby shelter and humanitarian support. I have also already spoken with George (the landlord) about this incident. He was very understanding and supportive and has said he will speak to Timon.


Someone who has Bern abusively abrupt (to be polite) to me before and to another in my sight has now consigned me to the 47degF streets at 2:30am, and will now become the person who causes my creation of a rival space, with true transparent dispute resolution. Duck that. I will not be shat on. If I "join" sudoroom it will be only as an addition to sudo space or spaces where everyone who can stay civil and kind is welcome, and whence I launch our As Yet To Be Named Academy.