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Although U-Boot can support two protocols for transfering files, kermit or y-modem, the bootloader does not support the <tt>loadb</tt> or <tt>loady</tt>. Minicom only supports y-modem protocol.
We do not have to resort to a direct serial file transfer however. The 'mtdparts' command that is used to define flash memory partitions can be used to reset the partition table to the defaults before running 'urescue' to start the TFTP server.
ar7240> help mtdparts
- list partition table
mtdparts delall
- delete all partitions
mtdparts del part-id
- delete partition (e.g. part-id = nand0,1)
mtdparts add <mtd-dev> <size>[@<offset>] [<name>] [ro]
- add partition
mtdparts default
- reset partition table to defaults
ar7240> mtdparts default
ar7240> urescue


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