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* Learn more at our general meetings, which are the last Tuesdays of every month at [[Getting_there|sudo room]] at 7:30 pm. We have focus groups and we collaborate on different parts of the project - from design to software development, documentation to community outreach and of course, community outreach and climbing rooftops to mount nodes!
* We have '''weekly meetings'' on Tuesdays and '''weekly hacknights''' on Thursdays, 7:30-11:00pm at [[Getting_there|sudo room]], but at these events we do not spend time introducing new people to the project. If you do not feel ready to jump right in and start contributing, please show up for our general meetings (mentioned above) where we specifically take time to intro new volunteers and answer questions :D
* Chat with us on [ IRC]: [](see also [[IRC | IRC Intro]])
* We generally collaborate on [ meeting notes] at each meeting. Look at our archive of past [[Mesh/Minutes|meeting minutes]]!
* Contribute to the network by installing a mesh node at your location using our handy [ Mesh Node Setup Walkthrough]. This is especially helpful for those that are within range of an existing node (seen as a wireless SSID named "").


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