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sudo apt-get install minicom
Mac OS X users can as well
brew install minicom
By default the Minicom program will attempt to use /dev/tty8, and will also attempt to initialize the device (expecting a modem) by default.
minicom: cannot open /dev/tty8: Permission denied
Run the program so that it starts the program on the USB converter that is connected by adding <tt>-D /dev/ttyUSB0</tt>, and specify that it should skip initialization by adding <tt>-o</tt>. Mac users may need to reference a different device (such as <tt>/dev/tty.SLAB_USBtoUART</tt>).
You can also specify from the command line that it use the baud rate and '8N1' settings specified below by including <tt>-b 115200 -8</tt>.


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