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added backbone connections section with note concerning SF and Laney College desired link
:Until network has an AS, only one exit node should be made and multiple relay nodes should connect to that exit node (Tunneldigger software can be reused for that). Otherwise clients can have issues when routing protocol decides to move from one exit node to another.
:It is important that nodes are connecting to relays and relays to exit nodes and that no IPs of those connecting to relays and exit nodes is stored.
= Backbone Connections =
== Desired ==
* We have the opportunity to establish a Gigabit link between Oakland and San Francisco, with a connection in San Francisco near the Western most part of 24th street in the [ Noe Valley] neighborhood. This location has great line of sight with many locations in the East Bay. We would like to establish a relationship with anyone that can grant permission to mount equipment on Laney Tower at [ Laney College] in Oakland.


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