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[[File:SudoMesh Node.png|frameless|right|300px]]
'''sudomesh is a group of volunteers operating out of the [ sudo room] hackerspace at the [ Omni Commons] - a collective of collectives stewarding a large community space in Oakland, California. We develop software and assemble hardware systems to help build open community networks like the [ People's Open Network], a community-owned and -operated non-profit internet infrastructure in Oakland.'''
'''Interested in learning more and exploring?''' Check out our [[#Join Us|Join Us]] section. You do not need to be technically skilled to be part of this project. We need people willing to mount gear on rooftops, folks who want to do public outreach, graphic design artists, film-makers, documentarians and so much more! Show up at a monthly general meeting and get involved!
<center>{{Mesh nav}}</center>
<center>'''''Our Projects'':''' [[File:Mesh_Oakland_High_Res.png|225px187px|link=]][[File:Disasterradio.png|187px|link:]][[File:Byoi.png|187px|link=]][[File:Laptops4all.png|187px|right]]  {{Mesh nav}}</center>
[[File:SudoMesh Node.png|frameless|right|300px]]
= Intro =
Imagine if the wifi router in your home connected to the wifi routers in your neighbours' homes and they again connected to their neighbours to form a huge free wireless network spanning the city! That's exactly what a [ mesh network] is, or at least what it can be. Roads and telephone poles are owned by government or private interests and laying down cable is expensive, but by using wireless signals that hop from building to building we can create a community-owned and -operated, free-as-in-freedom alternative to corporate Internet Service Providers. Community wireless mesh networks are growing around the world, creating local 'internets' that support Net Neutrality and community control of critical infrastructure.


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