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Mesh/Network topology

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[[File:Network topology diagram-hi.png|thumb|png (hi), [[Mesh/Diagrams#Network Topology Diagram|see more]]]]
= topology Topology =
For information about the people's open network topology, refer to this [[Mesh/Diagrams#Network Topology Diagram|network topology diagram]].
All of the outdoor gear is Power over Ethernet (PoE), requiring only a single cable for network and power connectivity.
= mesh topology Mesh Topology =
All routers run the Babel mesh routing protocol. The street-level 2.4 ghz routers should ideally be able to function in the event that e.g. an earthquake takes out all of the point to point and point to multipoint rooftop nodes (more alignment sensitive) and the mesh should remain functional, though it could become segmented.
The relays / [[VPuN]] servers (see the internet connectivity section) also run Babel, so mesh traffic can flow from one part of the mesh, through the internet, through a relay, and into another part of the mesh if some of the mesh nodes are connected to the internet.
= internet connectivity Internet Connectivity =
There are four primary types of devices in the mesh:

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