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wan & lan
If you wish to connect to the local mesh network [], then you can either connect using the wifi network, <s>or you can connect using ethernet through the D-Link DIR-601A router on the shelf next to the main switch</s>. Use DHCP to get a IP address on the mesh network. The router will handle the meshing protocol for you and also provide you with normal Internet access.
== Routing ==* [[Router/Config/Interface|Configure Interface Addresses]]* [[Router/Config/PortForward|Open a port to the outside world]] == Network Info WAN ==
Internet access is via '''saros''', a rackmount server running Debian Stretch. If you follow the ethernet cable from the LMI modem through the patch panel, this is the first box connected to it.
=== External ===
==== Addresses ====
Our public IP is aka ''''''.
=== Internal ======= Ranges ==LAN ==
* Internal subnet:
* DHCP range: to
==== Addresses ====
{| class="wikitable blue_lines"
!style="width:120px;"| IPv4 Address

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