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'''People's Open Network Weekly Meeting - 4 Sep 2018 7:30pm-9pm'''

=== Agenda ===
* Introductions and Meeting Roles (10 mins)
* Check in on previous action items (5 mins)
* Updates & Reportbacks (20 mins)
* Next Sunday (5 mins)
* Proposal: Handshake Distribution (5 mins)
* Discussion: Brainstorm Places to Email re: Internet Archive LoS (15 mins)
* Discussion: Project Proposal Process (15 mins)
* Action Items (5 mins)
* Breakout Groups

=== Introductions ===
Introduce yourself: Name; Preferred Pronoun; Icebreaker Response; BRIEF Announcements
* Icebreaker question: What was your favorite class in high school? (Recess okay)
* scott - don't care about pronouns - physics or chemistry
* benny - he/him - creative writing
* jenny - she/her - history, read howard zinn, shaped me
* eve - french
* mai - she/they - toss up between spanish and philosophy, which i had to take because it was a catholic school
* null - them/they - not sure... math?
* mickey - he/him - really liked theater
** I'm a report for oakland north, writing a story about sudomesh
* marc - he/him - math
* eenblam - he/they - started out liking math, but didn't like it by the time i finished.
** John and Jeff are now meshing! They also have a spare (configured) node for another neighbor. Jeff's extender is still up and has LoS to Jason's roof. Interested in upgrading Jeff's extender to a NSM5 or a Rocket M5.
** exists (choose your own adventure onboarding, inspired by mozilla:
** if you have ideas for pathways, please add them!

=== Meeting Roles ===
* Facilitator/s: eenblam
* Stacktaker: benny
* Timekeeper:
* Notetaker/s: jenny, juul, mai
** URL of this pad:

== Check in on previous action items ==
Check previous meeting minutes at and past action items below:
* review grant's e-mail draft to other community spaces re: a tall building in richmond (mai)
** moved to discussion
* follow up with jonah of the Archive (jenny)
** No reply; will try again
* ask noisebridge / Friendly Local ISP about their laser (eenblam)
** eenblam - Message dispatched!
** Never heard back from FLISP
* calendar item to test the AirFibers on Sep 9 (all)
** Marc - first node arrived today, next node should arrive Friday, but may be delayed
** bump to next week
* check in on Handshake $ (jenny)
** It's in our bank account! Screenshot in There is a big number in the screenshot.
* summarize consensus-making process from this meeting (benny)
** benny - Didn't do it. I think mai did this in loomio.
** mai - added it to discussion; jorrit added some good points to the discussion
* put 1) grant spending 2) Handshake award on loomio (jenny)
** (#1 was posted by Mai, above:

== Updates & Reportbacks ==
=== Bugs/Technical ===
Priority bugs we need help with are located at: - For a high-level overview of recent Github activity, see the Trello:
* ben - debugging firmware builds, made some progress. still need to test built firmware on node.
* mai - mary jo and terry are still down
** benny - I can follow up with Chuck again. Making an action item.
* jenny - added labels to issues

=== Node Mounts & Outreach ===
Node Mounts Trello:
* to schedule: jason's (lesley out tonight)
* ben: anything else re: airfibers?
* marc: might need to discuss how to mount / what we need to buy in order to mount the airfiber to top of omni. weighted base would have to be really big. maybe just a pole mounted to the building (platform above disco room). will look into costs for tall weighted base
* email out to lists re: being hop location for Archive link

=== Communications & Events ===
Comms Trello: // Events Trello:
* benny - made loomio for planning the next BYOI in november (
* jenny - heard back from Gunner (re Aspiration conf) about fear of having too many registrations using guest codes in the past, leading to no-shows. They want to be sure folks show up if they register. Opening a Loomio thread for making a donation to the event.
* marc - institute for the future anniversary event invited disaster radio to present / talk to people. The event is mostly for their funders -- $5000 tickets. jenny and i won't be in until the two last days, and grant is working that whole time, so we're looking for one or two people who are interested in coming to the event, and we need to figure out what we're going to show. announcing if people are interested in institute for the future stuff. September 25-27.
* jenny - marc and I will be in Denmark
* mai - I will be in DC from the 23rd-27th
* scott - I might be able to do it

=== Internal Logistics / Finance ===
Internal Logistics & Bureaucracy Trello:
* Purchase:
** Binoculars?
* Quickbooks Training Workshop next Thursday, 09/13, from 3-5pm. Ping jenny to rsvp if you didn't participate in the Doodle

== Next Sunday ==
=== Node Mount ===
We try to arrange a rooftop node mount every Sunday afternoon. Ongoing spreadsheet is located at:
* Next Sunday's mount: airfiber testing!
* jnny - I heard back from dmitri from sailing club; now awaiting an email from their tech person. Possible site survey on Sunday.
** null - I'm interested in going
* benny - cassady showed interest! we filled out a mount request together.
** is very close to w oak cluster - may have LOS to Hearth or node0 @ LiveLabs

=== Office Hours ===
We host office hours every Sunday from 1-2pm in Sudo Room. To sign up for a shift, fill in your name here:
* Next Sunday's volunteer: benny (and marc will be here testing airfibers)
* mai - side note: oakland pride is this Sunday
* Notes from this past Sunday's session:
* mai ben and cassady worked on stuff

== Proposal: Handshake Split ==
Please add any proposal needing consent from or action by the group below:
* Loomio decision was 60-10-30 split between Sudo Mesh / Sudo Room / Omni. Consenso?\
* unanimous agreement!

== Discussion: Internet Archive LoS ==
* Draft email to blast to hacker lists:
** Where should we send this and who signs up for each list?
** maybe post to Nextdoor in neighborhoods with ideal LOS
* Are we giving the airFibers to those who offer up their place?
* Mai: I think we should require whoever we go with to own the property or have explicit permission from the property owner. And probably sign a lease so we can rest assured that the equipment/bandwidth won't just disappear without us knowing about it.
** eenblam - Some comments made in re: ownership of deployed gear
*** > As is the way with People's Open, you would own and operate the equipment and, of course, have full access to the gigabits of donated bandwidth. An airFiber relay would be at least two devices.
*** Are we giving away two airFibers with the hope that the recipient will indefinitely relay bandwidth for us?
*** I feel like people owning and operating mesh nodes, even a nice rocket+antenna combo, makes sense and is ideal. But relay infrastructure like this feels like a different story (and costs 15x to 20x as much) and (given the nature of the PtP links) isn't a way for them to connect with their immediate community, just with us.
* scott- some amount of notice to take them down?
* juul - how about a month, which is how much notice renters get
* ben - if it's a relay site, cost will be ~$5000 just in backhaul equipment (eg 2 airFibers, a rocket AP, switch, UPS, etc)
* mai - there's some legal thing where if you exchange money the contract is more valid/enforceable
** marc - contracts can't be one-way; there has to be some kind of give-back.
** Seems like there's give-back since they get free bandwidth.
* benny - we can just negotiate that once we have interest
* jenny - we should just delete that particular part for now
* mai - should mention needing explicit permision from property owner in writing? (yes's)
* benny - should we mention that we can give something in return - network assistance, computer assistance, privacy training, etc? Depending on org that responds
* jenny - we could post to NextDoor for the neighborhoods up in the hills
* mai - changes made! if anyone else would like to look, see pad (linked above)
* eve: maybe approach the Ham Radio Club and see if someone would be willing to share their tower
* null: how much does a billboard cost?
** mai: looked into that, prohibitively expensive

== Discussion: How we make decisions aka project proposal process ==
* Loomio discussion:
* What do people think of this way of deciding on priorities and projects to spend $ on? This was based on conversations we had on 21+28 Aug

This process is required for purchases > $2000, and for paying people (any sum of money) for their time or for changes to this process:

1) Person has an idea. They add the proposal to the coming Tuesday's meeting pad.
They're strongly encouraged to collaborate with at least one other group member, rather than proposing individual projects.
2) Person's proposal is discussed during the Tues meeting.
3) The proposal passes with a consensus vote with minimum quorum. (n=5)
4) Person puts the proposal on Loomio (literally in the form of a Loomio "proposal") to get approval and consensus from the group members, especially those not present at the meeting.
5) Consensus members have one week to approve, abstain, or block via Loomio.
Anyone can comment/discuss.
6) If approved, it is announced at the following Tues meeting for a final round of discussion if any one requests this.
7) If blocked, person who blocked must present their reasoning at the following Tues meeting. if someone blocks a proposal then the blocker is expected to provide constructive feedback on the content of the proposal and identify why the proposal does not align with the sudomesh mission. Also, the blocker is expected to work with the proposers to come up with a proposal that would reach a consensus vote. Blocking is not getting voted off the island, blocking means that more collaboration is needed to help reach consensus.

marc - I propose an addition: if someone blocks but is completely unresponsive to communication attempts in attempting to resolve the block for an entire week, then the block is lifted.

Agree to revisit our processes quarterly - so next meta-analysis would be December 4th.

Jorrit's suggestions:
* Have at least one sponsor to put in a proposal
* 2-3 days notice before initial in-person proposal
* "block" --> "needs discussion"

* Counter-proposal: don't consense until *end of the following meeting*, after there has been time for discussion.

Example consensus items:
* Spending lots of money
* Signing a letter (e.g. HOPE) as a group
* Changing wording of our own processes/bylaws
* (Things that are hard to reverse - money we spend, words we can't take back)

* Summary thus far:
** The above process is for purchases > $2000, and for paying people (any sum of money) for their time.
** Compensation ideas:
*** pay people for child care during events
*** pay for translation services
** This will replace the accounting wg guideline for purchases > $2000

* The goals and intention of this decision-making process are:
** give active contributing members opportunities to discuss and give feedback
** encourage collaborative decision-making
** make reasonably quick decisions
** leave a record of discussions

== Action Items ==
* follow up w/ chuck again (benny)
* airfiber mount ideas/status (marc)
* make a loomio thread re: donating to Aspiration (jenny)
* send out email requesting AirFiber hosting - jenny (nextdoor), eve (hams), ?
* draft press release - jenny, you??
* add new project proposal process proposal to Loomio as a poll (mai)
* add item to agenda re: consensus list membership (mai)

== Breakout Groups ==
At the end of the meeting, break out into small groups to hack on or discuss specific topics.

== Last Meeting Notes ==


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