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'''People's Open Network Weekly Meeting - 19 March 2019 7:30pm-9pm'''

=== Agenda ===
* Introductions and Meeting Roles (10 mins)

* Check in on previous action items (5 mins)
* Updates & Reportbacks (20 mins)
* Next Sunday (5 mins)
* Proposal: Neighbor Outreach Pamphlet (15 mins)
* Discussion Y: (15 mins)
* Discussion Z (15 mins)
* Action Items (5 mins)
* Breakout Groups

=== Introductions ===
Introduce yourself: Name; Preferred Pronoun; Icebreaker Response; BRIEF Announcements
* Icebreaker question:
* Eve - she
* juul he/him
* doyouhaveamirror - them
* seth - he/they
* mai - she/they
* remote-and-late-benny - he/him

=== Meeting Roles ===
* Facilitator/s: Ben
* Stacktaker:
* Notetaker/s: Juul
** URL of this pad:

== Check in on previous action items ==
Check previous meeting minutes at and past action items below:
* poke ryan about marina @tunabananas
* handshake tokens @juul
** Tried claiming them today, ran up against issues with our network
** Can try an easier way (email) that seems less secure for them but fine for us...
* ping david and niki re: sunday @tunabananas
* ping golden gate paxio link @bennlich
** didn't do it
* create wiki page about EMF radiation @sierk @tunabananas
** juul - this would've been handy to have at the people's park meeting. Someone brought it up, another person backed them up and they have a committee to explore it now
* any reply from LOLSpace? @tunabananas
* document battery-powered node in a waterproof bag @juul
** Mostly complete; didn't document the bag. Hoping they come by with the gear, since they don't have a charger yet.
* e-mail other community wifi groups about rooftop insurance
** What this a @bennlich thing?
** yes

== Updates & Reportbacks ==
=== Bugs/Technical ===
Priority bugs we need help with are located at: - For a high-level overview of recent Github activity, see the Trello:
* eenblam: working with benny remotely on friday we ran into an issue where the server will boot a connection off (l2tp) every so often. I was receiving routes with babel but I couldn't send anything over the tunnel interface (and that's why the tunnel would fail). benny has seen this in a few other places. there's a client issue to investigate.
** juul: sounds like a routing issue.
** benny: the client successfully establishes a tunnel, and the broker publishes routes to the client, but the broker doesn't hear anything from the client for two minutes, so it sends a teardown message. this repeats forever. restarting the node a couple of times fixed it, which seems to be a fix that has worked in the past. so it seems like somehow the client node is able to get to a bad state where it can't route packets to the exitnode. There is some relevant conversation here:

=== Node Mounts & Outreach ===
Node Mounts Trello:
* seth: I created another(3.0) generic outreach email template that I would like to send to folx that contacted us about hosting a node. Let me know if you have any concerns about it. Also I'm want to email a dozen folx, move their trello card from 'To schedule' to 'In Contact With', and add a contact label. Lastly, What email can i use to receive replies??
* seth: I'd be down to fix the node at Hearth (Jake)
** eenblam: We might need to replace both nodes (antenna and router)
*** seth: cool I think I'll do it this weekend.

People's park proposed node

Side view of metal structure:

|> <-- node
| < -- mast
------- <-- base

Top view of metal structure:

---|--- <-- base

Side view with box:


Box enlarged view:

|| <- pole
|_________________| <- soil
| | <- cement

* juul: Above is the proposal to mount the Calyx node at People's Park in a way that ensures that it won't get stolen
** What are the legal repercussions of installing a pole w/ gear on it at the park?

=== Communications & Events ===
Comms Trello: // Events Trello:

=== Internal Logistics / Finance ===
Internal Logistics & Bureaucracy Trello:

== Next Sunday ==
We host office hours every Sunday from 1-3pm in Sudo Room, and often arrange a rooftop node mount.
* To sign up to bottomline, fill in your name here:
* Ongoing node mounting spreadsheet is located at:
* Notes from this past Sunday's session:

== Proposal: Neighbor Outreach Pamphlet ==
* Title - Neighbor Outreach Pamphlet
* Collaborators - Who is responsible for completing the work?
** Mai
* Scope - What problem is this solving? What is the tangible solution being implemented?
** The best way for the mesh to grow is to decentralize the outreach of the mesh, and empower people with nodes to grow the network in their own neighborhoods. To encourage people to do this, we need a pamphlet/flier that we can distribute to new node owners to give to their neighbors. We would have this available online but also format it for print so that we can have physical copies to leave with people when we do a node mount.
** The pamphlet would include
*** Introduction: What is SudoMesh/People's Open Net
*** What is a mesh network?
*** A brief FAQ to address concerns re: RF and security of the networks
**** Benny: I think a picture would be good for explaining RF. I poked around a bit and the simplest thing I found was the chart on the bottom of this page:
*** Contact information
*** Anything else?
* Timeline - How long will it take? (Start date, end date, and any other milestones.)
** It should take about 6 hours altogether, including drafting the text, gathering edits/comments, then designing it.
* Budget - What are the material and labor costs? Line item budget should include material and labor costs as well as any additional sources of income/funding. Require invoicing and timekeeping for hours worked. Use a template.
** Material costs would only be for printing. If we have access to a printer at Omni then this would not be a cost (?)
** Labor costs would be 5 hours x $30 = $150
* Risks - Are there any potential blockers on progress? (E.g. is research required?)
** Disagreement among people about what is critical information to include in the pamphlet.
** Benny: I think whoever is doing the work is responsible for what ends up on the pamphlet and can gather input as much as they see fit. If people have unresolveable disagreements, they can make a proposal to design a different pamphlet :)
* Outcomes / reporting requirements - What are the deliverables due at project end date?
** Pamphlet as a PDF and other editable file formats
** Uploaded to and our Github page
* Accountability buddy / peer advisor - Who will check in with the collaborators and help them stay on track?\
** Benny??
** Benny: Sure. I just got my first accountability... client? last week! Tyler's writing an e-mail to his peeps.
* Discussion
** eenblam: You can link to things for people to learn more, for example the issue re: RF safety
* '''Consenso?''' (to move to Loomio)
** Yes: juul, eenblam, seth, eve

== Weekly updates/check-ins ==
* Internet Archive link
** No one available to speak; JMG said he'd be investigating LoS from his place.
** Benny: I think Marina falls into this category, if anyone knows that status
** (No one present knows)
* Paxio link
** Juul?
** mai: Should we just kick that off the list? They've seemed uninterested since StorQuest fell through.
** benny: hell naw. :-P I would like to see the last correspondence Juul had with them. I'm not convinced it not just one of those, need to keep reminding em cause its not their main gig things.
* Golden gate link
** Benny hasn't emailed yet.
* Chuck/MJT link
** eenblam: Any word from Chuck since last week?
** mai: No
** eenblam+mai: we can swing by this weekend if MJ+T are in town and Chuck is available
** benny: Gonna send him another rocket chat message right after this. (eenblam: thanks benny!)
* Hurricane Electric
** juul: Null had to take off earlier, but I have root access now. Can work on it over the next couple of days.
* People's Park
** Already heard from Juul
* ToMesh Workshop
** Benny: ToBen would like to do workshop Sat, April 6, anytime (some 3 hour block). Does that sound good to those who were interested?
** I was going to make a proposal to buy some of the materials. I think it comes out to <$100 (mostly a bunch of pis)
**seth-yeah! benny: woot!
** mai: +1 benny: yay
** eenblam: just put in a purchase request. I think it makes sense to fund it. benny: woo yay.

** does the time of day matter to anyone? maybe ill send an e-mail/doodle to the people that expressed interest this meeting and last meeting.

* benny: the color scheme of chats tonight has been great. digging the palette.

== Action Items ==
* e-mail other community wifi groups about rooftop insurance @bennlich
* adding neighbor outreach pamphlet to Loomio @iamai
* get in touch with chuck / mary jo and terry @iamai @eenblam
* script for updating nodes re: new tunneldigger config @bennlich
* revisit priorities brainstorm pad and report back @bennlich
* ping golden gate paxio link @bennlich
* poke ryan about marina @tunabananas
* handshake tokens @juul
* ping david and niki re: sunday @tunabananas
* create wiki page about EMF radiation @sierk @tunabananas
* any reply from LOLSpace? @tunabananas
* document battery-powered node in a waterproof bag @juul

== Breakout Groups ==
At the end of the meeting, break out into small groups to hack on or discuss specific topics.

== Last Meeting Notes ==
* link to previous meeting minutes

== End of Meeting ==
* please archive these meeting notes by copying the entire pad contents onto the sudomesh wiki with the correct date format:
* then please erase the contents of this pad
* then please cut & paste a blank template from here:
* previous meeting notes are archived here:


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