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If you want to join the mesh you'll need a mesh router at your home! Currently the best way to get one is to show up at our monthly general meeting as described above. We need more people on the network to improve the quality of the service. When you setup a node, you improve the service for everybody on the network and give more access to your community. We encourage participants to ask their communities to join their networks and create distributed services for them. We have a [[Mesh/User_Guide|user guide]] to help you get on the network!
* Chat with us on [ RocketChat], the #peoplesopen channel in [ Secure ScuttlebotScuttlebutt], or on [ IRC]: [] (see also [[IRC | IRC Intro]])
* Join the [ email list]
* We have weekly meetings every Tuesday from 7:30-9pm at [[Getting_there|sudo room]]. We have focus groups and collaborate on different parts of the project - from [ design] to [ software development], documentation to hardware hacking, [ community outreach] and [ climbing rooftops to mount nodes]!

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