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how to get there
* '''gas, cold water, exhaust lines''': they picked every possible place and angle to confound your movements. You'll be playing limbo and you'll get very sweaty and tired.
* '''loneliness''': You're probably up there to lay wiring from one part of the building to another (I was), so you will need help! You'll need someone to feed wire from inside SudoRoom, and possibly someone else to receive it on the other end. You can't just pull on the wire because it will get kinked and caught on [all of the above]
The plus side: in order to access this delightful crawlspace, you only need to ask our landlord to unlock a single door to a single closet - this closet is located:
* behind our common area sink/kitchen
* to the right of the women's bathroom
* if you're standing at the circuit box, it's behind your right shoulder
Climb the ladder and let the adventure begin.

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