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* Turning any game hacking session into a cheezy pr showcase of some game engine by a private company. If they want to pay us to showcase their products we can do a timesharing thing where sudo room members (male and female) show up in heels and short skirts and flip powerpoints at people. That's both uncreative and inhibitive to people without lots of money. ''[iPhone does charge $99 a year for dev but that's it and provides excellent documentation. a hackerspace shouldn't ask people to blow $400 for software to do a simple hack sessio]''
I've seen tons of great stuff get done with Cocos2D.  It's easy to use.

* showcasing some kind of private serious game / private mobile game company that exists. this will only result in maximum boringness. You can go to a run of the mill boring hacker hotel or hospice in SF, they do that stuff. they do hackathon sponsorships too :)
There was a lot of anti-PC stuff but I erased it.  

* an oakland "tech talk" involving oakland politicians and some random palo alto guy thrown in for good measure who doesn't care about hacking, has never been to oakland, thinks noisebridge is too dirty to work in, but is here to showcase his private company.
Anyone trying to turn sudo room game hacking into a trade show for their private start-up should hire us though and we will staff the event with males in high heels and short skirts. Please make donations to Sudo Room in bitcoin currency.
* Girls showing up pretending to code but they don't actually code. that is so depressing.


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