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I am committing up to $300 in funding to this, in an attempt to make 100 bottles as a proof of concept. I need your assistance on any of the following sub-points. To accept a task, sign your name next to the bullet item. To add commentary add it inline to the bullet item. [[User:Maximilianklein|Maximilianklein]] ([[User talk:Maximilianklein|talk]]) 19:46, 7 April 2013 (PDT)

==Business Plan==
==High-Level Jobs Left To Be Done as of April 10 2013==
''Please sign your name next to an item to indicate you're working on it===
*Make mate
*Determine Carbonation Process
*Bottle The mate
*Sell the mate - [[User:Maximilianklein|Maximilianklein]] ([[User talk:Maximilianklein|talk]])
==Equipment Still Needed==
*Storage Corney Kegs
*C02 Regulator
*Lots of bottles

Initial Funding: up to $300
Initial Funding: up to $300 ($300 left)
Target Sales: $200 - $300
Target Sales: $200 - $300
==Business Plan==

*Make it.
*Make it.

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