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[[File:3D Printing Instructions Page 3.jpg|400px|3D Printing - page 3]]
[[File:3D Printing Instructions Page 3.jpg|400px|3D Printing - page 3]]
===== Adjusting the Print Beds =====
* Do not put multiple layers of tape on the glass print-bed: this makes the print-bed less "sticky"
Use the "manual control" in Repetier-Host to
* "Home" the Z (height) by clicking on the Home-Z
** This will move the bed up until ?? switch cliks
** the Z-Switch is pushed by a knob attached to the print bed. If you rotate the knob, it will adjust the global z-height of the print-bed
* Ensure the print nozzle is not touching the tape by pressing Z+ (move the bed down)
* "Home" the X & Y by clicking on HomeX and Home?
* Move the print head around, especially near the [holy scriptures erased] corners of the bed
* Turn the paper over
* Use the allen key on the 4 corner screws to ensure that all four corners are equally far away from the print Nozzle.
* Tip 1: Adjust the Z manually until a piece of paper barely fits under the nozzle. Friction will tell you how big the gap is...
* Tip 2: don't scratch the tape on the print bed!
* Tip 3: There are 4 screws, but only 3 free degrees of motion since the bed is FLAT. So this part is TRICKY. Be patient!
* When satisfied, consider adjusting that global Z-height by turning the knob.
* Tip 1 - the knob is not tight, so secure it with the tape so it doesn't accidentally rotate.
* Tip 2- You want the gap to be exactly 0 zero after "homing" the Zaxis
* Tip 3 - After "homing" z, manually adjusting z by 0.1 mm should cause a visible gap between the nozzle & print bed.

== Gallery of Creations ==
== Gallery of Creations ==
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