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Questions that still need answering:
#Why do we have a board? ''It is required in order to be incorporated''#What responsibilities does the board have? ''Ensuring that a minimum amount of paperwork is filed per required timelines.''#What are official positions within the board? ''The only official position is the treasurer. Other unofficial positions may exist and should rotate; e.g. scribe, facilitator, etc''#Does the board have a chairman? ''No chairman is required. Therefore, we don't have one.''#Does sudoroom have a CEO? ''No CEO is required to be incorporated. Therefore, we don't have one. If we had one, the board would have the responsibility to hire or fire the CEO.''#Does a board member have a legal duty to fundraisefund raise? ''Not unless it's written in the articles of incorporation.''
#What legal and/or financial liabilities does a board member have compared to a member of sudoroom who is not on the board?
#What type of legal classification do we have? ''California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation''
#What type of legal classification do we not NOT have? ''Benefit Corporation (B Corp)''
#What type of legal classification do we want to have in the future? ''501c.3?''
#Are we a business? ''No''
#Do we need a business license? ''Yes''


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