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'''To do:'''
[[Wishlist]] - Stuff sudoroom needs
Sudo Room is an open, non-hierarchical, collaborative community of humans, including tech developers, citizen scientists, activists, artists--and all combinations in between and beyond!--who are interested in and working towards social change. Our goal is to create the first inclusive, dedicated hackerspace in downtown Oakland, to share ideas and projects in citizen science, digital citizenship and literacy, environmental sustainability, community engagement, and self-government.
Sudo Room is committed to access, empowerment, transparency, and public/social good. Sudoers have a great diversity of interests and we emphasize respect and solidarity among ourselves and with others.
[[Sudo_room/methodology|Read and Inform a potential methodology for Sudo Room.]]
* Our weekly planning meetings take place:
** Every '''Wednesday''' evening from '''7-9pm''' at [,+oakland,+ca&hnear=268+14th+St,+Oakland,+California+94612&t=h&z=16 2135 Broadway St., Oakland, CA] (near the 19th St BART).
* Anyone interested in learning more about Sudo Room, meeting awesome people, and participating in our emergent community is welcome to attend!
* Many thanks to for our initial email list: [ sign up here].
===='''Current Critical Momentum'''====
We are now:
* '''Forging a [[Sudo_room/Compact|Compact]].'''
We made headway with:
* How we make [[Sudo_room/decisions|decisions]].
* Developing our [[Sudo_room/Governance_Structure|Governance Structure]]
* How we create [[Sudo_room/income|income]].
* How we define [[Sudo_room/membership|membership]].
* We have a [[Sudo_room/room|room]], are seeking more room?
==Next Steps==
As per discussions and polling, we are moving toward these steps:
* August 10th - [[Sudo room/banking|Get bank account]]
* August 24th - Expand membership, get a sense of paying members
* August 31st - Get first payment
* September 3rd - Rent for Space
* Conduct [[Sudo_room/research|research on other hackerspaces]], exploring their models of community, governance and funding.
* Create a list of [[open knowledge ecosystem|open knowledge ecosystem]] organizations in the Bay Area.
* Examine potential [[Sudo room/Tax Structure Research|tax structures]]
'''''Needs to be Updated'''''
* To found a creative community hacker space in the East Bay, specifically in Oakland, CA.
* Establish a platform and space committed to:
** Citizen science
** Democratic Culture
** Access to Knowledge
** Freedom to Connect
** Non-technical (humanities, social science, the environment/ environmental justice, arts, crafts, all the squishy stuff!) and technical knowledge (including transitions and bridges between the two) --
*** the useful arts & sciences?
*** information, data, knowledge, wisdom?
*** memes, genes, bits, and atoms?
*** Non-technical knowledge includes but is not limited to expertise in fields or disciplines that can be largely independent of technology. Also includes non-academic realms of knowledge.
** Digital/Online Citizenship - Netizen Rights & Freedoms
** Doing stuff to make our community openly accessible.
**: '' do something more with digital and network technology''
** Environmental sustainability
** Education and mentorship
** Community engagement
** Public access
* To become a center for active hacking projects but also a destination where speakers on the areas listed above may be hosted, and where folks may go for skill sharing classes
For examples, check out our list of potential [[Sudo room/projects|projects]] or read about ones we've shared on [ our website].
* Build a community and group of members, grow our ideas together, and [[Sudo room/open a space|open a space]] before the end of 2012.
* Create online presence and communications infrastructure
** Utilize our [ website and blog] more effectively!
** Beg our artsy friends to fulfill our [[sudo room/design needs|design needs]].
** Make a video for [[Sudo room/funding opportunities#Crowd-funding|crowd-funding opportunities]]
* Hold weekly meetup / salon.
* Collect membership dues to start building a budget as a [ Voluntary <nowiki>[</nowiki>membership<nowiki>]</nowiki> Association].
* Apply to relevant [[sudo room/funding opportunities|grants, fellowships, and various funding opportunities]].
*Read (and contribute to) our [[Sudo room/projects|list of projects]] to see (and inform) what kinds of projects we will be able to do in this space! You can also see projects we've featured on [ our website].
==Mood Board==
* [ Mood at]
==Meeting Minutes==
Scratch pad:
#[[Sudo room/Initial Meeting| Initial Meeting]]
#[[Sudo room/First Wed Meetup|First Wed Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/12-07-2011 Meetup|12-07-2011 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/12-14-2011 Meetup|12-14-2011 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/12-21-2011 Meetup|12-21-2011 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/12-28-2011 Meetup|12-28-2011 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/01-04-2011 Meetup|01-04-2011 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/01-11-2011 Meetup|01-11-2011 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/01-18-2011 Meetup|01-18-2011 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/01-25-2011 Meetup|01-25-2011 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/02-01-2011 Meetup|02-01-2011 Meetup]]
# meeting minutes black-hole!
#[[Sudo room/02-22-2012 Meetup|02-22-2012 Meetup]]
# meeting minutes black-hole!
#[[Sudo room/04-25-2012 Meetup|04-25-2012 Meetup]]
# meeting minutes sort-of-black-hole, we have these somewhere...
#[[Sudo room/05-16-2012 Meetup|05-16-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/05-23-2012 Meetup|05-23-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/05-30-2012 Meetup|05-30-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/06-06-2012 Meetup|06-06-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/06-13-2012 Meetup|06-13-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/06-20-2012 Meetup|06-20-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/06-27-2012 Meetup|06-27-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/07-04-2012 Meetup|07-04-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/07-11-2012 Meetup|07-11-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/07-18-2012 Meetup|07-18-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/07-25-2012 Meetup|07-25-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/08-01-2012 Meetup|08-01-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/08-08-2012 Meetup|08-08-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/08-15-2012 Meetup|08-15-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/08-22-2012 Meetup|08-22-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/08-29-2012 Meetup|08-29-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/09-05-2012 Meetup|09-05-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/09-12-2012 Meetup|09-12-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/09-19-2012 Meetup|09-19-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/09-26-2012 Meetup|09-26-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/10-03-2012 Meetup|10-03-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/10-10-2012 Meetup|10-10-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/10-17-2012 Meetup|10-17-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/10-24-2012 Meetup|10-24-2012 Meetup]]
#[[Sudo room/10-31-2012 Meetup|10-31-2012 Meetup]]
Creating a new minutes page? Copy and paste the code from herein a new minutes page: [[Sudo room/Meeting minutes template|Sample Meeting Minutes Template]].
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*[[The Crucible]]
*[[Coyote Counter Collective]]
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*Your group / space?


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