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 TAM is our Type A Machine 3D Printer at SudoRoom. Here are entries in his diary as he grows up into a blossoming 3D printing brony! To find out more about 3D Printing at SudoRoom: '''#REDIRECT [[3DPrinting|3D Printing Wiki]]''' == Lessons ==[[File:Friendship is Magic.jpg|thumb|left|a true Brony forgives his friends and forgets past misunderstandings. we are all in this together!]] [[File:One does not simply pick a favorite pony.png|thumb|right|brony meme and working together because friendship is magic!]] * Friendship is magic.* We are Bronies.* We are all in this together.* We forgive each other and forget. = 2013 = == Early 2013 == * I got a new 3D printer bed! SudoRoom loves me! == June 2013 ==  * 6/1/13 - I was so popular this Saturday! there are these cool new best friends who are here to have fun and print 3d haptic projects.* 6/2/13 - '''I need more blue tape.''' I feel naked! If someone in my sudoroom family could get some scotch painter's tape or a similar thin blue tape it would be easier for me to print all these cute printers.* 6/2/13 - a sudoRoom member became one of the masters of 3D printing this weekend! I have a new best friend! it is like my little pony. he knows how to level me and print stuff and get my z axis all aligned. we will have so much fun playing and maybe he will get me more new friends too! [[Category:3DPrintingType_A_Machine]]

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