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add rocket pic/description
For [[User:holmaschine|holmaschine]], the advantage of 3-D printed model rocket parts is the ability to create a very thin and structurally efficient shape without concern over fabrication and the relative alignments of subparts. Components can be printed true to final form (+/-) with only light treatment required to smooth outer surfaces so long as the basic restrictions of the manufacturing method are understood.
One prototype printed, downrated to smaller engine size until proven. Will mount adapter to aft bulkhead using (4) #4-40 screws.
= Actual Rocket =
The picture above shows a 3D printed 2-part rocket. 65mm max diameter, 29mm motor bay, tangent ogive curve with internal 2-way structural ribs and support for airspeed sensor pitot tube at nose. Made on [[Type_A_Machine|our Type-A Machine]].

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