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[[File:Sudo Room Meeting April 17, 2013.jpg|thumb|right|April 2013 Meeting]]
Sudoroom's official meetings are every Wednesday at 7pm, or sometimes as late as 7:30. They are bureaucratic, sometimes fun, and usually more functional than rumored. We try to handle conflicts respectfully. == Etherpad == We keep our meeting agenda on an etherpad. Due The etherpad is projected on a big screen for everyone to see. Anyone who knows the URL can collaboratively edit it on their laptop. After the meeting, its contents are copied to DoS attacks our wiki - that's how we keep record. Then we do not link clear it for the next meeting and people can add items throughout the week. Ideally someone posts a summary to them the mailing list, but that doesn't always happen. Unfortunately, in the past our etherpad has caught the attention of online anymoretroll dens who like to overwhelm it and make it unusable. Please ask someoneFor this reason, we don't post the address online. Sorry!These addresses had been used in the past, and are obsolete:** == Meeting Notes Archive == Each old meeting gets its own page, and we link to them here.
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