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=Compact in a nutshell=

<blockquote>"sudo room is an association of individuals (called "sudoers") established to collectively support a creative community and hacker space, with corresponding values" like openness, safespace, and do-ocracy.</blockquote>

To be a member you have to pay the monthly fee; but you don't have to be a member to participate.
Necessarily some members are more member than others, there can always be a vote for: the ''facilitator'', the ''scribe'', and the ''exchequer''.

Anything that sudo room owns, you can use. Plus we buy things together.

*Decisions, decisions
Quorum is 10 people.
Financial decisions, and endorsements need consensus.
Termination of a member is 2/3 vote, after a tribunal.

*Budget a la mode
Sudo room is a [ Voluntary Association] seeking a suitable not-for-profit tax structure.
Anyone can do the budget, which is open.
The point of the budget is to reduce monthly fees, and issue internal credits (a soft dividend); but also to keep rainy-day money and no surplus.

Changes to the compact require consensus.


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