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| '''3D Tuesdays
| [[image:Type A cat.jpg|thumb|120px|a printed cat]]
Open hack night for 3D [[3D_Modeling|Modeling]] & [[Printing#3D_printing|printing]] - come learn SCAD, play with our [[Type_A_Machine|Type-A Machine]], create [[Type_A_Machine#Gallery of Creations|cool things]], and help us with [[RepRap|building a RepRap]]!
| '''[[Meetings|Sudoroom Meetings]]
(Wednesdays 7pm7p)'''
| Official meeting of organization, bureaucray and fun. We keep our agenda on an [ etherpad] and then [[Meetings#Meeting_Notes_Archive|archive the meeting minutes]]. We're a California non-profit. See our [[Articles of Association]].
| '''[ Javascript meetup]
(Thursdays 6:3030p)'''
| Learn, chat and hack on node.js, frontend, or whatever! Oakland is [ javascript city].
| '''[[Mesh]]
(Thursdays 7:30-1010p)'''
| [[image:510NetworkDishes.jpg|thumb|120px|the antenna that beamed wireless packets across Lake Merritt]]
A group [[Mesh|working]] on bringing [ free wifi] to the East Bay. They just did a developer launch!
| '''[[Today We Learned]]
(Saturdays 2-55p)'''
| Colearning, knowledge sharing, open hacking, show & tell, and more!
! colspan="2" | Every other week
| '''[[Oakland Wiki]]
(Every other Thursday 7-8:30p)'''
| Come edit Oakland's only open, publicly editable wiki! Oakland Wiki has been used as a platform for [ citizen journalism], sharing local [ resources] and [ history], and whatever else you can [ dream up].
! colspan="2" | Monthly Events
| '''[[Cryptoparty]]
(Third Sundays 2-55p)'''
| Learn & talk about encryption & cybersecurity. Learn how to use GPG, OTR, Tor, Tails, and other anti-surveillance technologies.

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