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its just a matter of mycelium....
*Resources to facilitate transition.
These materials roughly equivalate to what the current composition of American landfills looks like:
Newspapers, Cardboard, Egg trays, Plastic bottles, Pallet boxes, Aluminum, e-waste, Batteries, Various metal and wood, Earth.

Freecycling and Craigslist free ads are addicting, and a fun way to de-clutter and re-sort your life on what matters. It's not that everyone needs the same thing, in a decentralized movement, one person's trash is ultimately just what another person thinks they need. What do you need actually? Not much. [[Art and Revolution]]

Anarchic life will trump the evil and controlled GMO monoculture enforced order.

Many artists, would rather get their name out there than be prostituted to the subjugations of a pimp label. Any objections to the dissent is from these 1% worthless middle-men who would take advantage of an artist to sell something. As an artist, I have defeated many, all shapes and sizes and colors. So did the Buddha.

links from [[Chez Hack/Hack]]
[[Hacking hackerspaces]]

*More links*
[[Freedom Paradigm]]

don't use money live free 2014.
in fact, we will free the US government from it's malaise of money-hungry bitches which control it.


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