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keeping this in mind, who else is..
Patterns of hackerspaces:
*...Potential mothership addition in caravan + community?
What is the minimum 'stuff' required for X people to go out there and hack for 72 hours?
**Intro to Electronics
**Intro to Hackerspaces
**[[Hacking hackerspaces| Hacking on hackerspaces ]] - helping to build infrastructure, set up a mesh node << Mesh node**: wifi via space? will the eco-village have wifi?
=Property searching=
=Interpersonal Ecosystem=
*Essentially - hate to say it - a Facebook for hackers[| like github?]
*This clearly ties in to Mycelia - how to implement on the UI level? --> Hack night
*Project-based system (again see Mycelia) that serves as a matchmaking platform between people, project, skills, ideas, spaces, etc


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