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* We're '''Sudo Room''', a 100% ''free'' space hackerspace located at '''2141 Broadway''' in downtown Oakland, CA!* your friendly neighborhood We're into '''technology''' and where it intersects with '''social justice''', ''hackerspace'sustainability''', '''education''' and '''solidarity'''. * We strive to be an '''open''', '''transparent''', '''horizontal, ''' and '''welcoming '''communitywhere all are supported and free to ''learn'We're into technology, social justice, sustainability, solidarity. We're a place to learn, 'create'', ''gather'', ''collaborate'', ''work'', ''play '' and ''more''! . *We've got tons of '''tools''' for you to use, from a '''3D printer''' to '''public computer terminals''', a '''big huge library''' and '''all kinds of gadgets'''! *Our slogan is: '''''HACK THE PLANET!'''''

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