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===Wishlist (in progress) ===
Note: This is a If this 'wish list' that if this becomes a reality I believe will get is us with a solid start, backbone network wise; for a good amount of years to come.Anyway, We are listing two racks, a 2 and 4 post racks. But, because the if $ can keep us from getting this a reality, is an issue then I suggest that we make the effort to get one 4 post rack with [ square holeholes]. This [ 4 post rack ] would be able to handle switches and rack servers as well.-Also essential, if chosen to have a CAT6A backbone, connectors, patch panels, cables should be CAT6A. Otherwise if one of those items is CAT5 or CAT5e, then the network will go for the lowest Category available. -Wiring Scheme to be used: T568B. -Sudo and all Omni Collective members participation is very welcome; ask/answer/suggest/comment/etc.


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