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== Old / no longer active ==
== Old / no longer active ==

* Morning math
=== Morning Math Project ===
[[Morning_math]] Morning math was a rolling event at SudoRoom where attendees could create an anxiety-free zone to discuss and share mathematics
==== Morning Math Projects ====
* [[Morning math/Voting systems]] - Questioning the assumption of "one person, one vote" and an introduction to mathematical modeling.
* [[Morning math/Mathematical Reasoning]] - Introduction to basic logic, proofs, and abstract mathematics. The essential guide to a budding mathematician (of any disposition).
* [[Morning math/Science]] - Considering the fundamental mathematical/philosophical notions of science.
* [[Morning math/Forays in Logic]] - A casual engagement with some topics of logic. The nature of these topics may not be clear for newcomers, but do not be dissuaded if it seems advanced, initial reactions are helpful too.
* [[Morning math/Information]] - The theory (mainly mathematical) of Information and similar concepts.


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