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Best wishes!
Best wishes!
== Education at the HackerSpace ==
I've noticed a lot of interest by education folks in hackerspaces.  It's overall a great thing.
Some constructive suggestions:
* Enable hackers to help you find creative solutions to your education or social work organization. They will come up with a lot of great ideas!
* Although SudoRoom is conensus driven, most hackers and creative people aren't thrilled at the idea of meetings and bureaucracy. There is a small group of people who are really into meetings who like hacking politics - they are awesome! But most people do not enjoy being blocked from doing basic stuff, they tend to like iterating here.
* Women at hackerspaces aren't necessarily thrilled about being pigeonholed into traditional female roles in teaching kids, education, non profits, or social work. Be sensitive to this. Many people have had to overcome prejudice, social and cultural considerations to become more technical and learn how to code or get into engineering. Help push women into areas outside of kid's education, it will make the world a better place! conversely, there are many great men at hackerspaces who are eager to work with kids and don't usually have the opportunity because they were told they were "too technical"

= Events =  
= Events =  


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