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deleted ==Confirm Installation of OpenWRT on the Router==
Click Browse and select the firmware you downloaded<br>
Click Install<br>
==Confirm Installation of OpenWRT on the Router==
In order to confirm that the installation has proceeded correctly, use an ethernet cable to connect your computer to the "internet/WAN" port of your router and set your IP address to an address on the subnet:
<code>$ ip addr add dev IF_NAME</code>
(where IF_NAME is the name of your ethernet interface)
You ''may'' want to stop network-manager (not all distros use this, but Ubuntu does):
<code>$ /etc/init.d/network-manager stop</code>
You can also assign yourself the address via a network manager, both in linux and OSX.
<code>$ ssh root@</code>
The default password will be: `meshtheplanet`
You ''may'' need to restart the router, but be careful not to restart it while it's in the process of flashing.


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