Subiir 6

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  • Brewed: June 19th
  • To be bottled: July 10th
  • To be drunk: July 31st



  • Crystal 80, 3/4pounds (12 oz)
  • Special roast, 1/4 pounds (4 oz)
  • Pacific Northwest Pale Ale Malt, 11lbs


  • Magnum 16.4%. 2oz. 1oz used as bittering hops during boils, 1oz for dryhopping.
  • Centennial 10.1%. 2oz. Both used during boil. Added in 2 steps.

Water ~9gl used. Expecting ~8gl yield


  • Setup gear, fill main pot (6.5gl) and 2nd pot (2.5gl) with water.
    • Insert bag with all the domestic two-row grain into main pot
    • Insert specialty grains into 2nd pot.
  • Bring both mashes to 65 degrees c. Stabilize temperature in both. Let main-mash sit for 60 minutes, 2nd pot for 30 minutes.
  • Take out grains of main pot and place on top of pot. Take contents of 2nd pot and pour over.
  • Squeeze out as much of the wort as possible, into main pot.
  • Bring main pot (now containing all the wort) to a boil.
  • When boiling:
    • 40 minutes in, add 1oz Magnum
    • 45 minutes in, add 1oz centennial
    • 55 minutes in, add 1oz centennial
    • 60 minutes in, stop boil and remove hops.
      • Circumstances had us let the hops sit in the wort for 1 hour after boil was done.
  • Add to fermenters.
  • ~10 days into the fermentation add 1oz Magnum.
  • ~21 days into fermentation, bottle them.
    • Priming sugar for all 8gls: ~200ml dextrose (~6.8oz)
  • Ready to drink ~21 days later.


Beer not as good as Subiir standard. Marc and Morten not sure if comfortable asking for donations for it. General points:

  • Not a lot of body. More specialty malts, malts in general?
  • Too hoppy. Just get them hops out of the wort in time, yo!
  • Fermented 3 weeks over-time. Maybe a bi-taste?