Subiir 7

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  • Brewed: July 10th
  • To be bottled: July 31st
  • To be had: August 21st.



  • Crystal 40, 14oz. (7/8 lbs)
  • Pacific Northwest Pale Ale Malt. 8.8 lbs.


  • Liberty 4.8% alpta acids. 2 oz.


  • American Pale Ale malts, leftovers from Jim's cream ale brew.
  • Re-invigorated using a malt-starter and a magnet spinner.

Water ~9gls used. expecting 8gl yield.


  • Main pot: 6.5gls of water, body malts. Secondary pot: 2.5gls of water, specialty malts.
  • Bring mashes to 68 degrees celsius. Let it mash for 60 minutes.
  • Pour 2nd pot contents into main pot
  • Take out grains of main pot and place on top of pot and ...
  • Bring main pot to boil.
  • Hopping
    • 60 minutes (start of boil), 1oz liberty
    • 5 minutes (end of boil), 1oz liberty.

Bottling, 220ml of priming sugar.



  • Bubbled over during third day of fermentation. Too full both buckets - add less! And maybe too much yeast.
  • Fermented 2 weeks longer than intended, 5 weeks total. Did it hurt?
  • Taste from post-fermentation, pre-fnish (during bottling): From big bucket, seems sweet. Not a lot of body. Very weak? Nice smell. From small bucket: Something's wrong. Bad smell - vinegarish/cider. Two main reasons/suspects:
    • Bubbling over during fermentation, couldve caught a bacteria.
    • Air-locks lost tops around 3 weeks into fermentation. Could've caught something through (Morten thinks that;s unlikely, there was starsan in the airlock)