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  • Stout!
  • Yield: Aiming for 7gls in a 5gl bucket and 2gl bucket, food safe. (added 1 gl later and poured straight from vessel #1 to 2 gl fermenter (so plus plus stuffs), yield around ~9 gl)
  • Gravity: 1.035 pre-fermentation.
  • Dates: Brewed November 30th, To be bottled , To be had



  • Body: Pacific Northwest Pale Ale Malt. 8 lbs.
  • Specialty malts: 5lbs total
    • 2.5 lbs rye malt
    • .9 lbs br chocolate
    • .65 lbs br roasted barley
    • .65 lbs caramwich
    • .3 lbs aromatic


  • 1.9/2 oz E. Kent Golding, 7.2% Alpha acid (bittering, added start of boil)
  • 1.8/2 oz Styrian Golding, 4.0% alpha acid (aroma, added 58 minutes into boil)


  • Wlp002, English ale yeast
  • Re-invigorated using a malt-starter and a magnet spinner.


  • 8 gls starting
  • Added 1 gl after mash before boil.
    • We ended up with ~0.5/0.7 gl less than we wanted, so next time use ~9.5 gls total.


  • Get the yeast growing on the magnet spinner!
  • Measure out grains and water, bring into mashing vessel #1 (turkey frier) and #2 (stockpot)
    • Bring both vessels to 68 degrees celcius.
    • Keep temperature stable for 60 minutes.
    • Lift grainbag from vessel #1 ontop of it, pour mash (incl. grains) from vessel #2 through the grainbag.
    • Let it drip and squeeze it when cold enough
      • Note to self: For efficiency, let the drip happen over some bucket and start boil immediately. Just add mash squeezed out of grainbag into vessel #1 during boil.
  • BOIL:
    • 60 minutes total
    • Add bittering hops at start
    • Add aroma hops 58 minutes into boil.
      • We forgot to remove hops after 60 minutes of boil! > might be too bitter. we will see.
    • Sanitize during boil.
    • Just before boil, add yeast to fermenters
      • We forgot to add yeast this time, and had to pitch it after tapping in the mash.
    • Place some iodyne solution next to vessel #1.
    • Tap into fermenters, with the counter-flow chiller on.




  • Remember to pitch yeast into fermenters before tapping
  • Remember to remove hops at end of boil
  • Remember to get yeast going as first thing in the morning.