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Individual Kits

People get periodic sets sent to them to refill their SudoKit boxes Having individual kits keep the projects from becoming stale. I think they're probably also fun to make. ...or they can pick up new ones at the SudoRoom. ...or as donors they can get them sent as part of their donation gift.

Set 1: 3D print your own rollerskate / inline skate / skateboard skatepark and snowboard set

Let's get this party started!

Parts Overview

  • SudoRoom Map
  • Intro to the TAZ 3D printer
  • Physical paper zine getting people all into this extensive category!

Rambling notes


  • teach 3D printing, basic modelling, there's probably some math thrown in there because you have to scale this stuff down
  • Make learning tools that people can hold with their hands to rip them out of their digital social media zombiedom

Harder than it looks

The hard part is:

  • enabling people to have someone done quickly in the first session.
  • Keeping it free and easy open source - let's face it! most of the commercialized (even though "freemium") stuff is geared better towards beginners with short attention spans.
    • Maybe we can have a kind of happy balance - start them out on as little non open source software as possible and help people more more towards open source.
    • Otherwise you face losing them!
    • This can be a way to teach people how to contribute back to the community.

watch the animals learn

printing more SudoKits with the 3D printer