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part of the SudoKit Project


This is the rough gist of the project, the soul and the meaty parts. It emphasizes interaction in the physical world over our addictive dependence on the digital. It tries to work around the double-edged sword of the internet in which we can download amazing 3D printing manuals in seconds but then at the same time be led astray to celebrity gossip photos in the same session.

First Draft: the Kit Itself

Small animals, kids, and adults start out holding a pretty box full of SudoKit stuff. It holds learning placemats, shadowbox tool placemats, and small useful charms like an hourglass to measure time spent offline while learning stuff (internet addiction is a big problem)

How to use

sketch for the SudoKit mats. Help curious souls make sense of the infinite possibilties

Box of Stuff

Lots of things to keep us in the material world, not just the digital world. we learn by touching and talking and doing.

  • Material SudoKit keeps people from spending too much time in an abstract, social media world while at the SudoRoom
  • Touching and holding things is important for learning, especially for folks who don't enjoy book learning.
  • It's debatable whether people have skills in learning in some ways but hackerpsaces emphasize learning by doing, and having a set of things to touch and hold is proven to work with other inspiring projects
  • Various members can contribute and will have fun recycling stuff and creating beautiful learning kits - this is extensible


There are multiple sets of these and placed inside the sudokit. people take them out and put them down at a tablespace. the idea is that they don't have to deal with the "blank page" problem when first walking into SudoRoom. there is a starting point. first draft of the placemats

Time Offline

how can we make it fun and rewarding for people to limit their internet addiction?

Vast treasure trove of the internet has an inherent danger. People can go online to learn about creating vegan shoes, but then be distracted by philosophy papers or softcore porn. I haven't figure it out yet, but there must be a fun way to help people enjoy styaing offline if they see the benefits. It would be cute to have a small hourglass that they can put on the placemat... a personal contest of staying offline? Some people will naturally object and say that staying online is what they want to do. But what if you aren't coding? do you need to be that plugged in? this idea is still pretty nebulous and would need some help.

Tool Shadowboxing

Keep your tools

With electronics there is so much stuff people can easily be overwhelmed. One of the placemats should have a "shadowbox" like they use in factories. but it will be like some wutang shadowboxing right there! because it's not work it's fun!

printing more SudoKits with the 3D printer