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Things written in the margins

  • Some of the prior notes were incorrectly recorded as 2011, in fact, they should be 2012. Welcome to the new year.
  • Mackenzie Cowell is also the name of a 17 year old woman who was murdered in Seattle. This is a google-ganger.
  • One word: bronies


Michael, Marina, Phil, David, Matt, Jack


Sudo Articulation of EBALC Message / Vision

    1. Another office occupant.
    2. If there are street-facing storefronts, interested in small retail / workshop space (re: Techshop, Jigsaw Renaissance).
    3. Hackerspace as support structure for shared resources (tennant discount or free!)
      • Interest including: hardware, software, arts, materials, benchspace, etc.
    • In accordance with Anca's vision, we'd be a contributing member.
    • Potential support for technical needs and mild infrastructure.
    • Interested in using a kitchen space
      • Cooking and making food is community-building practice
      • Using the facility for special classes and workshops.
    • Triangle inside of a triangle, multiple rings nested inside.

Anca's Sent List

  • Good Internet Service
  • 1 large room for meetups (that can hold about 40 people)
  • Conference room for about 15 people
  • 1-2 other smaller, rooms for meetings, podcasting, etc.
  • Electrical sufficient for about 10-15 workstations (2 plugs for each)
  • Kitchenette area with a sink
  • ADA compliant access to at least the main rooms.
  • Heat in the winter. :)
  • Nearby parking (many of our customers drive from other parts of the bay area)
  • Within 4 blocks of a downtown oakland BART (12th, 19th, or Lake Merritt)
  • 24-hour access with an electronic system (we might have to install this)
  • Some of the activities we would be using the space for:
    • Office work (programming, writing, meetings)
    • Business-oriented or programming workshops
    • Crafts & Electronics workshops (with soldering, hot glue, and such)
    • Clear wallspace for whiteboards (we'll be putting up walls of whiteboards)

nice to have:

  • Ability to have a laser cutter in the space (not sure if this is going to an industrial equipment)
  • People should be able to bring dogs into the space

April (14?) Fundraiser

"The Theory, Praxis, Theology of Citizen Science and Hackerspaces"

  • Ignacio Chapela - micologist and accidental gmo pariah
  • Mitch Altman - Hackerspacer Extraordinaire
  • Mackenzie Cowell and Josh Prefetto - DNA Barcoding Fellows
    • Patrick as possible backup?
  • Ask for recommendation, backups
    • Sending an email now.

Action Items