Sudo room/04-25-2012 Meetup

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Dan, Alexa, Michael, Patrik, Rick, Peter, Phil, Anca, Marina, Eddan, Matt



  • Movie Night
    • Johnny Mneumonic in the lead
    • then GATTACA
    • PI
    • Matt bringing popcorn + Marina
    • Discussion around Next week's kick-raiser
    • Potluck event carry on-list discussion
    • Announcement on 7:30pm
    • BYOP, BYOF
  • May 4th KickRaiser
    • Ping out to people reporting from hackerspaces
    • Stickers + any other shwag
    • Continue to send out invitation to folks left on list
    • Check in with Square or Intuit or WePay (Eddan will report back at meeting next week)
    • Formalize agreement with Techliminal
    • Flyers for Art Murmur
      • Secure silkscreens for designer brownbags too
    • Email Marc about webcam for movie Friday
    • Video Capture
    • Victoria working on food.
    • #sudoroom
    • Food trucks -- grilled cheese, waffle/pancake, etc (Matt)
    • Homebrew check-in
    • Reminders + bring stuff (like your foodgoods)
    • Need to create a second "announce" email list.
  • Emails for the list
  • Sudo Room soon to have First a Wall
    • First blog post after event is of sticky notes.
  • Updates for Sudo Room and Sudo Space
  • Ping Jenny about Warehouse Guy for events etc.
  • Ping Eddan about electrician willing to trade services for work on his database.
  • May 1st and Occupy Discussion