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  • Theme songs for sudo room "Do you have to let it linger" The Cranberries / "Wide Open Spaces" by the Dixie Chicks.


Anthony, Phil, Michael, Eddan, Timon, Marina, Max, Matt, Rick, Jenny


1. Research

  • Basic research on hackerspaces (e.g. videos) , book written in 12 days, encourages others to contribute. **Research Page
  • Add cory doctorow's book for general inspiration
  • Contribute to other pages. Also we can utilize semanticmediawiki plugin!!! Jenny is doing this already.
  • Bay Area Dandelion Project - Michael has posted this on the wiki under Projects.
  • Consensus decision-making workshop so open any time (6pm is a good start time?) lots of reasons
  • Point of info: occupy has wednesday meetings at 6pm.
    • The Holdout
    • Awaken
  • Consensus decision-making is valuable for our collective, carve time for the workshop. Inter-hack business and meeting agenda.

2. Bank

  • Bank page has been started on the wiki:
  • Banking solution necessary for the interim to place existing money raised from fundraiser
    • Patelco
  • LLC or other entity necessary for business account.
  • Alternately, personal account can be an interim solution.
  • Find free ATMs:
  • Folks seem in agreement that a personal account seems like a good plan for the moment.

Decision: DBA - Really easy, moving forward tonight!

3. Space

(a) Ideas about space scouting

  • Everyone getting together and finding property listings with phone numbers in the area. Happening! Read more below.

(b) Parameters/Guide to help people in their craigslist trolling?

  • So far we've been looking around $1500/mo
  • Areas of Oakland that we've been interested in?
  • Access to BART and accessibility are very high on the list of priorities for the space (and possible deal breakers)

(c) Max suggests Lowell and Jack London Square properties as good locations for hackerspaces.

Upcoming Events

1. Sunday Hack Nights

  • First sunday hack night on 6/3: Location TBD, possibly Max Ogden's inaccessible warehouse in the Eastlake neighborhood; Max will be there starting at 6PM
    • 1209 8th, Oakland!

2. Next movie night

  • When shall it be?
  • Suggestion: Watch Memento, Inception and Primer simultaneously WHILE PLAYING DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. BACKWARDS.

3. Physical space space scouting event!

  • 2PM: Oscar Grant Plaza, Sunday 6/3
  • call everybody! explore the terrain
  • make maps of the area's open spaces.
  • bring your bike if you have one!
  • end up at Max Ogden's warehouse for Sunday hack night
  • locations to scout:
    • 230 Madison
    • Broadway & 22nd - $500

SudoRoom Governing Model

  • Non-binding decisions among those physically present
  • Note dissenting opinions on the wiki

Funding/space logistics discussion

  • Realistically, any space may require initial payments that are higher than our current assets
  • Discussion of optional membership fees ahead of the space being opened (to build up capital that would go towards early payments on the space)
  • This is limited by the fact that we have no model at the moment for what being a "paying member" means.
  • What would the pitch be to potential landlords?
    • ---> Computer club
  • How can we turn a profit? Account login: pass: sudoroom