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6/13/2012 - Meeting Notes


  • Sudo Dollars. It's. Not. Funnymoney.
  • Ecstatic Dance! is a block away from the new space!
  • Concilience - The unity of all knowledge, so we can all be free (from Troy)
  • follow @gonzooakland


Eddan, Troy, Matt, Jenny, Eddie, Victoria, Marina, Marc, Rudiger, Tracy, Rachel, Phil, Richard


  • Intros
  • Updates
    • Report back from FBI diy bio conference
    • - transcripts
    • 2-Day DIY Bio Conference held by FBI (they for some reason think this is critical, you should read about it online)
    • Very small community right, so it's great to have the funds available in order to bring everyone together.
    • However, it's odd since it's the FBI
    • One take-away: need to be better about communicating, the mailing list is not enough.
    • Another take-away: FBI is creepy?
    • Curiosity won for Rudiger, so he came, though he was hesitant at first.
    • Setting up a system of recuiting informants / spying on 'potentially dangerous' diybiologists
  • Discussion of tax structures (eddan)
    • B-corp - social responsibility / social good [sidenote- is a b-corp]
    • Space Recapitulation
    • Eddan acted out of own risk and volition to rent a few spaces (3) because one we viewed was already being rented.
    • Small Office (Orange closet)
    • Box Office
    • Double Office
    • Tracy thinks it's amazing!
      • having events
      • making people aware
      • opportunities for people
      • letting it evolve without making a huge investment
      • fun neighborhood is important
      • $875mo for all three.
  • Report from Hackermoms talk on Ways to Build a Hackerspace
    • Nonprofit route requires a board of directors who are legally responsible for any legal problems.
    • Maker Faire had a sub-event called "SpaceCamp" a sort of hackerspace convention.
    • Also met a woman at Hackermoms who wants to host a ecstatic dance (lunch break?)
    • Roots are supposed in Sufi - but it's just a bunch of hippies at like a 'Dead' show.
    • SchoolFactory is an umbrella/support 501(c)3 non-profit organization to support creating new hackerspaces.
    • Many are non-profit, fiscally sponsored by a non-profit, or "benevelent dictatorship" private entities
    • Many spaces also get a lot of income through donations (important, otherwise we have overlooked this a bit beyond crowdfunding)
    • Metrix - for-profit, worth looking
    • Time-based membership is an option.
    • Larger question of membership terms and options. Also, what about visiting and temporary memberships.
    • Membership could be defined as 24/7 access, versus limited.
    • Desirable to have 6-1 membe-to-non-member ratio for events. Info from BucketWorks
    • Critical for making $ but also keeping the community into it!
    • Workshop attendence could also be discounted free for members as a service or benefit, etc.
    • Side-note: Hackermoms interested in making $$ off of workshop. Need money, they work but get no $. Would appreciate it.
    • Deciding whether their income model for workshops should be central or to the workshop runner. Hackermoms thinking about a fraction.
    • They want an algorithm.
    • Eddan discusses separating the membership part to the money-making part
    • Membership Agreements that people sign has been a good idea, helps negotiate issues with insurance
    • Action item: create page for these documents to live on
    • Action Item: also add to our research page including boilerplate insurance liability document and analyzing the terms in it.
    • Defining what it is we stand for first is core, then to teach those processes to eachother and to new people, and to live the culture and exemplify it!
    • further to measure how we are living up to our own cultural standards, and to reward ourselves for doing so?
  • event announcements

Decision-making process (13 minutes)

Action items

  • Process for setting decision items for agenda beforehand
  • Implement two-email-list solution (announce vs discuss)
  • Concrete place and time for meeting for next week.
  • Concrete space for participating virtually
  • The space!

The Space

  • event proposals for future
  • first friday art walk (participatory bash!?)
  • Ecstatic Dance in the "classroom" space - Venus.
  • DIY / home recording workshop (by matt's roommate Shani)


  • First Friday Art Walk Event! Who wants to submit art! Tracy does, Rachel has a crew!


Tabled Items

    • Sudoroom internship possibility (/MK) (table this)
    • Insurance at another time.