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06/27/2012 - Meeting Notes


Ben, Victoria, Max, Eddie, Adam, Troy, Tracy, Eddan, Anthony, Timon, Jenny, Matt


  • Introductions
  • Report-backs

1) Art Murmur

--Tracy painted the box office room white!

--and spoke with George, who is very supportive of an Art Murmur endeavor ... and also spoke with a Hopi painter who had reserved 2135 Broadway for Art Murmur (July 7th) and is willing to collaborate!

2) Tech Ops

--Jenny set up two mailing lists at - Sudoroom-announce and Sudoroom-discuss

Old Business

  • Decision Making Proposal / Draft to be reworked - See Victoria's email.

Report-Back from discussion group:

   Have a proposal, but want to walk through the conversation.
   Talked about what it means to be a group and in a space, we have shared visions, purposes, outcomes, etc. And with that there are important things that need to be decided:
   Raising Revenue
   Want to make sure that structures put in place are "inclusive and open-ended"
   Do people have more power than others? Or do they have different types of power?
   Everyone is shy of saying there is "just one process" But instead decided to narrow down to the most important thing we have right now:
   Writing our By-Laws.
   Idea is to propose to this group that we start with what Victoria has proposed already. Take what Victoria has, take changes and feedback, and re-present it in one-weeks time for 
   Proposal: to agree to an interim decision-making structure to form the By-Laws end of July, a more suitable governance structure for some longer term.
   Ask for 2/3 majority present at meeting, as well as at 10pm next Weds, require a simple majority of an online poll following the meeting that will last until end of Sunday.
   There is one dissenting person from meeting about online voting. 
   Minor decenting opinion: Concerned about the danger of making votes rather than being consensus. 
   Minor decenting opinion: Not satisfied with this basic decision procedure, but faithful that it will be revised in time.

Three friendly ammendments:

   Strive for consensus, use a strong recommendation for following procedure below:
   Make comments in periods for: overall structure and order, paragraph, phrase level. 
   Reiterate anonymous commenting potentials. 
   Give longer for online vote. 
   Use php polling site. 

Eddan suggests we split up the editing period into three phases: the first being major edits, the second being paragraph-style edits, the final being word changes / minute edits

New Business

  • Ways to utilize the website + tools better for what we want to do.
  • Intro to wiki, intro to sudo room
  • Art Murmur group
   Interest from last week: 
   Sudo Groups
   1) Art Murmur Working Group - Tracy, Troy, Erica, Timon
   2) Tech Stuff Working Group - Eddan, Jenny, Matt
   3) Finding New Space - Marc, Eddan, Timon, Jenny, Ibrahim, Tracy, Anthony
   4) Researching Alternative Membership Modelities - Marina, Jenny, Evan
  • Location

Action Items

  • Speak with meditation people about further usage of their space.
  • Email group everything for decision procedure
  • Art Murmur update
  • Do a trial Monday night meeting in "classroom"

Draft Decision-Making Model

  • Victoria wrote a draft decision-making model:
  • Need: Decision
  • Step 1: Input
  • Step 2: Proposal creation (by council?)
  • Step 3: Present to Group (feedback & amendments)
  • Step 4: Revision, Vote?
  -by council?
  -consensus of group at large
  • Jehan: What is a decision?
  • Max: It only happens when you have a disagreement
  • Jehan: And who's bound to act?
  • Troy: Working groups, and all should be in working groups
Group splits into working groups::