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08/13/2012 Attendees: Max, Marina, Anthony, Dino, Rusty, Andrew, Eddan, Virgil, Ivan, Matt, Ryan Agenda

   Bradley Manning (Thursday 8/16 at 5pm at 14th and Broadway) - corresponding with pre-trial hearings (double-check?) and hosted by Iraq Veterans Against the War and the Bradley Manning Support Network.
   Julian Assange has a TV show that is very good.
   BalsaMan - Saturday Agust 31st or Sept 1st (double-check). Look it up at
   OpenWatch MiniSummit at Radical Designs August 19th (Sat) in Downtown Oakland.
   The Great Return of a Sudo Room Movie Nights led up by Eddan, please email him!
   Over-due, let's start signing it tonight!
   Ryan - A friend John has DIY Bio bio-tech lab equipment he is willing to share with other folks / startup companies.
   Perhaps there can be some sort of collaboration with Sudo Room.
   John is interested in maintaining control of the equipment, so it's likely they will use a "keyholder" system for public access--a key holder must be present.
   Marina - Art Murmur
   Tracy couldn't make it tonight
   Live clothes-hacking with conductive thread (you can run electricity through that shit).
   Bring your sewing machines!
   Email the list if you're interested / HYPED!
   Eddan is starting a Dynamic Association of Displayed Art
   This gets a klout score of "boom"
   Anthony - Insulin Pump and Bioreactor
   Great milestone for DIY Bio community -- most in-demand drug he knows of
   Can be made fairly easily based on initial speculations.
   Part of class of production methods that would generalize well to other proteins (very extensible)
   In a nut-shell - a physical device to purify insulin