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Anthony, Evan, Jenny, Leon, Deno, Hol, Eric, Praveen, Jae, Aestetix, Matt


  • Leon started
  • If a wiki worked for building a car ten thousand times more efficiently, could it work for a village?
  • Chris - California Cannibis Consulting "So if you need to grow some dope, call me."
    • 953 West MacArthur, near Emeryville / Home Depot. They have welding and various industrial apparatuses.
    • May be able to do some trade usage
  • Jay is going to build a version of the rep-rap 3D printers.
    • Also interested in bio-hacking
  • Cryptoparty - 14th of October (tentatively)
    • Aestetix scoped Tech Liminal (the venue), all is gravy!