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Anthony, Evan, Garrett, Heather, Ryan B, Eddan, Len, Jae, Anthony (ADF), Eric, Marina, Matt, Jenny



Discussion of space

  • George called Eddan while out of town, opportunity to move in to large space upstairs. The space is split up into different rooms. Includes a bio-appropriate area.
  • Would need to raise real money asap.
  • Need to see and take pictures of the space already.
  • There is a mailing list specifically for talkin about the space:
  • Ace Monster Toys is looking for another space, they may have one in mind? Need to clarify communication
  • Idea: Bring all the interested parties together so that we can actually figure out how this space rental federation is going to work.
  • Need lists of questions to determine move-in requirements and find partners who will work. Direct potential members of the federation to our compact, have them fill in their interests and resources into a spreadsheet.
  • Date for meeting: October 27th at noon (potluck, vegan would be chill, [but not necessary?])
    • Anthony's party bus will make an appearance
  • Occupy Oakland Birthday, at Snow Park, solid event (report from Ryan)
  • LASTLY: a number of sudo-related projects looking for collaborators
    • Need help importing Mediawiki
    • Wordpress
    • sudosuite
  • Eric's metalworking space is at 953 West MacArthur near Home Depot
  • We can now make our own listservs, proposed listservs are below. (alternately, just email the entire list indicating that you are looking for interested parties on x topic. proposed listservs/topics:
    • metalworking
    • algorithm
    • art murmur

Fiscal Solvency