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Grant, praveen, hol, jae, ryan b, deno, andreas, jenny, jason, anthony, felicia, marina, matt, jehan, Tom, AJ, eddan


  • bio-incubator (for insulin! ALS startup)
  • – crowdsourced drug dev't
  • sudo crowdfund
  • curation of crowdfunding platforms via Jenny-
  • tour of space (2141) this saturday!
  • biohack space / wetlab
  • how we structure what we have to maximize use of as many common spaces as possible
  • getting small groups within or associated with sudo room

proposals for moving forward

  • a space!
  • minimal - $175 closet in 2135 and one of the $900 rooms in 2141 (hol)
  • proposal: take everything. private lending! can make it up by sub-leasing (max)
    • $150 a drop for outlets. We can offer to wire the building as a service for negotiation (deno)
  • proposal: biohack space: ryan (500), jae (500), and sudo room (500) - LLC company OR sudo room pays for entirety of biohack space (jae)
  • proposal: the sudo crowdfund [matchmaking projects to a 501(c)3 - tax deductible status drastically reduces costs; 1% equity of any company funded by sudo fund.
    • --> if people want to work with eddan on this, get in touch:
    • --> redistributing to projects, not people
  • we shouldn't wait for everyone's input; what's a small decision we can make and use agilely? (rusty)
  • we should wait til saturday to make a decision (marina)
  • orange closet as step #1 - (eddan)
    • --> pros: already has the lease; can auction off later

Report from Hol re: Equipment wanted for new space (spreadsheet is here)

  • classroom space (6 people)
  • wetlab, 3-D printing, soldering station (7 people each)
  • ventilation is a concern

  • online vote needed
  • Jazz club opening next month!
  • Eddan proposes we pitch spaces on election day for future sudo room commons
  • Reinstating the model for the upcoming decision-making process:
    • -sudo room
    • -separate groups/individuals
  • Matt emphasizes getting really involved in this important decision
  • Classroom: is used by others, but is not used enough by Sudoers [matt has been teaching math on tues-thurs mornings 7:30-9am; Regular Dancesafe meetings are also being held in the classroom]
  • Marina suggests really waiting until after saturday, once we have a better idea
  • Needs/Resources:
    • - allow for collaborative work
    • - community oriented
  • need a date for decision-making
  • can fill out survey at event
  • $7.61 w/ a minimum of 23 paying members for the $175 room
  • How are we going to run our space collectively? - matt

-Ryan suggests we push to make a decision by Saturday, given urgency of situation -Eddan re-interprets this as a call-out for do-ocratic initiative --Some date after Saturday - eddan suggests election day [nov. 6] -oct. 28th,

  • November 6th [online effort] + wednesday decision


  • future issues could always arise, should put off til the end of november
  • one of the rooms should be the federation space - collaboratively paid for by all members of the federation
  • group-based proposals due by Sunday
    • --time-based shared spaces?
  • For Saturday:
    • -needs and equipment assessment
    • -survey of rooms folks are individually interested in (straw poll)
    • -poll from all who show up
  • Those who want to brainstorm / plan for Saturday, contact jenny (
  • Brainstorm group for finances/budget models - contact Matt & Anthony
  • Workshop Weekend 2nd Weekend of November - 10th & 11th - at Sudo Room, Tech Liminal and other Oakland spaces! *Check out the schedule here: