Sudo room/12-07-2011 Meetup

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  • Nick
  • Marc
  • Phil
  • David
  • Al
  • Matt


  • Feedback from Ace Monster Toys!
    • They are awesome, underscored the need for a niche and necessity for the space.
  • Goals discussion
    • Added new ideas for goals on Sudo Room wiki page.
  • Membership association
    • Option to get us off the ground, before deciding about 501(c)3 or business or cooperative, etc.
  • Kickstarter Campaign
    • Lots of notes from Nick, also added to wiki.
  • Funding / grant options
    • Added links to wiki.
  • Feedback from Al from Noisebridge.
  • Thoughts from Marc from Labitat.

Action Items

  • Create a 3-month schedule for events, activities, spaces to inhabit.
  • Develop reel and media for crowdfunding.
  • Invite our friends (this week!!!)