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  • Matt Senate
  • Marc Juul


  • Possible strategy: find user groups to call the space home, connect to orgs or groups who want to put on pre-fab'd workshops.
  • Get a room, people will flock in.
  • Principles (options: "Be excellent to each other" and "No new rules"), but also guidelines (e.g. safe space)
  • Situate the group in terms of hacker culture and hacker ethic (history and education opportunity)
  • Build "Systems" not rules or policies.
  • There are sometimes trouble with personal items, but there are a lot of "service design" and automation opportunities through Labitat's projects to set up food purchasing, item/tool tracking with QRcodes and symbols, and member registration and access with magnetic stripped IDs.
  • Need to read "Hacker Spaces Patterns" document, outlining how to set up a new hacker space, or at least how others have done it.
  • Need to sort out the fiscal sponsorship asap, especially for bank account, property lease, and grant application purposes. (Open Science, Cooperative, and Collective "incubator" opportunities)
    • Goal here is to set up hierarchy only for business purposes, but help make the hacker space more lateral.
  • Create list of grants with deadlines on a simple calendar
  • Also need an event calendar for momentum-building.

Action Items

  • Meet in 2 weeks on Wednesday November 30th at 7pm (location TBD), and hold a weekly meeting every subsequent week. Provide food.
  • Get a space asap (do what's necessary to make that happen).
  • Make commitment to public access by holding "public open" sessions in the evenings.