Sudoroom Meeting 2019 09 05

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Sudoroom meeting September 4, 2019

new members

  • they're filling out the form now

who should have a key card?

  • there's about 150 people with key card access who are somehow associated with sudoroom
  • Yar gave a card to Qiana just now so she can use the bathroom

omni officers

  • dante is willing to be any of the 3 positions
  • juul is willing to be president

wg membership

lease revision process


  • dante: sudo sponsors spaz parties, including last friday night. lucas was point person for friday night but wasn't there.
  • message from sudoroom to spaz: we love spaz parties but we cannot keep sponsoring those events unless you figure out how to keep control over your parties, in particular respecting the noise concerns and not disturbing the neighbors, avoiding alcohol without license & insurance (this includes BYOB), cleaning up for other events the next day, doing outside sound checks with a proper sound meter througout the evening and keeping a log of them that is then shared with sudo room, limiting attendance by counting in and out guests, and in general respecting and protecting the building from risk. Please do whatever communication you need in order to make this happen. Also, the working group should coordinate with SPAZ to have their meetings when SPAZ representatives have time to show up (e.g. not 5 pm when people are just getting off work). Please coordinate with each-other to ensure that a meeting happens before the next SPAZ event. People should be kept out of non-party areas (e.g. the ballroom, sudo/ccl area and upstairs). There can never be amplified music anywhere other than the basement after 11 pm on friday/saturday.
  • marc: a hard limit on attendance would probably curtail most of these problems
  • yar will send an email