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second iteration of PCB design for the first Sudouino board

An Arduino-derived clone kit from SudoRoom

Sudouino v0.1 is designed with the hardware hacker in mind.

Featuring an ATmega328p processor and an onboard ULN2003 NPN power transistor array, it will have through-holes for making your own connections right on the board or soldering pin headers for breadboarding, and comes pre-wired for driving an RGB LED strip (or whatever else you want) from 3 hardware PWM pins D3, D5, and D6 right out of the box (or more realistically, bag). Feel free to cut these traces if you're saving these pins for other PWM uses, but we intentionally left open the other 3 PWM pins for SPI use. Each of the 7 power output lines from the ULN2003 is rated to 500mA, with a +V rail next to each for easy soldering of loads or connectors directly to the board. A female double-row header will be provided for making compact modular connections.

The board is programmed via TTL serial, requiring a separate FTDI programmer during program upload in order to reduce unit cost. After all, we want these things to be inside your projects, not sitting on your desk!

Subsequent versions may incorporate SMD components including more powerful processors in order to bring unit cost and size down as well as offer diversity of available boards, pending enough sales to justify retooling.

All proceeds exceeding input costs will be reinvested in better electronics fabrication equipment for sudo room. Once the desired level of tooling is reached, continued proceeds will go directly to the general revenue stream for the hackerspace.

For more information please contact Hol:

Comments: Jerkey (find me on irc) has a lot to say about this project. It should use big FETs.